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  • Does MagicStick Support Ubuntu or other Linux Flavors?

    Yes, of course! It not only supports but gives you good performance with Ubuntu. It supports all variants of Linux with the same ease. We also support Snappy Core Ubuntu.

  • Does MagicStick Support Gaming over Wi-Fi?

    Yes, it supports gaming over Wi-Fi. If you are fed up with your device not giving you better gaming experience over Wi-Fi, MagicStick is the device meant for you. With over 1 Gbps speed of Wi-Fi, it gives you the same feel as you get with LAN wire.

  • Does MagicStick support IDE and other editor for programming? Can I use this for my coding work?

    Yes, of course! MagicStick is as capable as your laptop and can be used for coding purpose where you can write your own code, run any IDE like eclipse, .NET etc. You can use it like any other computer. It is also able to support applications like Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw, AutoCAD etc.

  • What’s an IOT device? You have mentioned that MagicStick will work as an IOT device? What’s the use of IOT in MagicStick?

    MagicStick can be controlled remotely using cellphones. You no longer have to get out of your bed to switch on your computer. Using IOT, you can switch ON/OFF your MagicStick through your mobile.

    User will be able to do a lot of cool stuff remotely using cellphone. For example:

    Switch between COMPUTER MODE and DEVICE MODE through cellphone.

    2. Switch ON/OFF Wi-Fi remotely through cellphone. Data transfer from your cellphone to your computer without actually connecting to USB cable. Schedule your MagicStick computer to get awakened and loaded with your favourite OS at some specified time etc.

  • MagicStick comes with high sensitive antenna? What’s the benefit of this or how it improves the MagicStick’s performance?

    MagicStick is fitted with Wi-Fi antenna with higher sensitivity (10 dBi) which helps MagicStick to capture even the weak Wi-Fi signals produced from your Wi-Fi router. So, the area within your home where the Wi-Fi signals are weaker will not have any problem accessing internet. MagicStick will be able to catch even the weak Wi-Fi signals due to multiple walls. This is to make sure you will always have the Wi-Fi availability in your house even if the signal becomes weak because of multiple hindrances.

  • I already have a laptop at my place, so why do I need MagicStick at home?

    MagicStick is a unique and innovative computer, you can connect it to your TV or you can bring it with you. Travel light, it’s an IOT Device.

    Apart from being your best companion, MagicStick comes with many unique features with extra benefits as compared to other devices:

    First Computer with Intel 14 nm Cherry Trail processor with Windows10 pre-loaded.

    MagicStick comes with all types of latest faster connectors and ports on board like latest C-Type USB3.1, Micro USB, Micro SD, etc

  • I feel 64 GB, and 128 GB of storage these days are not enough. What’s the solution for that?

    You can’t upgrade yourself the internal flash memory of MagicStick, so you need to decide the right amount for your needs when you order it. You can however expand your storage by using a micro SD card (up to 512 GB). You can also always connect external hard disk through one of the fast USB ports or wireless connection as well. Finally you can use the cloud to access your remote favorite repository.

  • There is no fan in MagicStick case. So, what about the heat produced due to processors and other components?

    MagicStick produces very less amount of heat than a traditional PC that is why a fan is not needed. MagicStick is powered by latest Intel 14 nm Cherry Trail processors which run only on 5 watts of power. Moreover, the material used in MagicStick case dissipates the heat very efficiently. While designing the cover and PCB, aerodynamics had been taken into account so that cool air enters from one end and hot air gets pumped out from the other. The maximum temperature at any point of time inside the inner MagicStick can be close to 65 to 70 degree C which is totally safe for an electronic device. We have filed several patents for our passive cooling technology used in MagicStick.

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